Rp. 300 000 for review - Promo has ended

KlikUntung announces new contest for webmasters and all those who have their own personal website or blog, and offers a possibility to win money prizes!

Write a review about KlikUntung and get a chance to win one of 3 money prizes – Rp. 300 000 each.


  1. You write the review about the advertising network KliKuntung,
  2. Publish it on your website,
  3. Send us the link,
  4. Search for your name among the winners on December, 20!

Ready to fight for the prize? Then read the detailed information about the contest and requirements for the review. Good luck!

Para pemenang

List of participants

Perhatian!! Informasi di halaman akan di uodate 1 kali sehari!!!

Participants (all the requirements of the contest are met)

Jika Anda telah menyelesaikan semua persyaratan dalam kompetisi ini, namun tidak menemukan nama Anda di halaman ini dalam 24 jam setelah repost atau menemukan nama Anda di antara bukan peserta, tolong kirimkan kami email.