Rp. 300 000 for review - Promo has ended

Conditions of the contest for webmasters “Money for review”

Contest procedure

  1. You write the review about KlikUntung and post it on your blog or website.
  2. Send us the link to your review on klikuntung@gmx.com
  3. On December, 20 we randomly choose 3 winners with the help of Random.org, each winner will receive Rp. 300 000

What to write the review about?

Describe your experience about working with KlikUnting (if you got to work with us :) ). You can offer your ideas about the future development of the service, your suggestions and comments, share the screenshots of your payments. Don't forget to tell a few words about the service, new advertising format, methods of output and input of money, clear interface etc.

You can also mention our 2 contests that are held at the moment:

  1. Repost contest. Close on December,1.
  2. 3 000 for advertising. Close on November,23

Requirements for review:

  1. Only unique and original text.
  2. Clickable link to Klikuntung.com in your text.
  3. Not less than 2500 symbols.
  4. Use any pictures and screenshots of the site.


Money will be transferred to the Indonesian bank account.