Offer: "Rp. 3 000 on advertising"

Each registered advertiser gets Rp. 3000 as a gift and can spend it on creation of teasers and attraction of visitors to their website during all next week.

Don't forget about recommendations, which can help you create the effective teaser and attract the maximum visitors. Also don't forget that we are always ready to help you with the creation of advertisment.

Donation: Rp. 3.000 to the advertiser account
Terms of the offer: From November 16th
till November 23rd inclusive

Also check out the offer conditions:

  1. Offer is valid November 16th till November 23rd inclusive. (till 24:00 Western Indonesian Time).
  2. The offer is for both registered advertisers and those who register as an advertiser in the period from November 16 to November 23.
  3. Money can be spend on the creation and translation of the teasers only. Advertiser can't withdraw the donated money from the account.

We wish you good luck and a lot of visitors!